SKOOTA -English

This media is a platform called "SKOOTA" that conducts in-depth interviews with creators involved in various forms of Japanese entertainment. The platform primarily focuses on anime and manga, aiming to provide a comprehensive showcase of the creators' perspectives, thoughts, and the latest information from their respective fields. "SKOOTA" is proudly operated by Scooter Films, a renowned Japanese anime production company.

【Tarochin’s journey】 Compilation #01 ・The Encounter of Tarochin and Shiohigari ・Days of Youth Drinking Togeth ・Tarochin, a 8th grader, tells his mother who watches "TURIBAKA NISSHI, Fishing Fool's Diary" that he won't go to school ・Goes to college to make friends while running a text site ・Begins to realize that he is nobody special ・Starts to establish connections as a lackey of a famous live streamer ・Receives an offer to become a writer through those connections ・During a time of wandering the streets with sad eyes ・Elephant Kashimashi, a band with timeless appeal no matter the era
【Tarochin’s journey】 Compilation #02 ・Accessing the internet from Dreamcast ・Encounter with the amusingly modified "Samurai Spirit" game ・USTREAM live streaming of the legendary Shiohigari Monster Farm ・The era when there was a cozy village on the internet ・There were also times when collaborations were seen negatively ・Expressing clusters and human nature just by being on the internet ・The feeling of the internet no longer being mine ・Even in our 40s and 50s, we have no choice but to deliver through "Tarochin" ・Things I learned from Hoshino Gen ・The time to enjoy a diluted philosophy with salt ・Shiohigari, feeling relieved that the hands of Taro-chin are not trembling
【Tarochin’s journey】 Compilation #03 ・I survived, but my outlook on life and view on death haven't changed. ・I gained the right to say, "I almost died, but nothing changed." ・I started playing fighting games. ・Ironically, I found solace in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. ・It's exhausting to pretend not to see. ・It's inevitable to worry and suffer anyway. ・Translation is done to live a meaningful life. ・It makes me happy to hear someone say, "Your writing is easy to read." ・I can't help but explain the interesting points. ・Catchiness is necessary, not just facts. ・I want to convey the right-brain meaning using left-brain language.
【Shiohigari’s journey】 Compilation #01 ・What is a Cheap Artist? ・A naming born in the era of interesting titles ・An expression desire born during the college years enjoying USTREAM ・Creative made together on the internet in the 2010s ・"LOVER SOUL," the ending theme of Shiohigari's life ・Always aiming for episodic talk ・Creative development woven within the working years of a material maker in society ・Rational and efficient employment choices ・Starting from around the 5th year as a working adult, a Twitter serialization began
【Shiohigari’s journey】 Compilation #02 ・I spend my time thinking about wanting to live as a creator someday. ・I was able to ride the wave of excitement from creators on Twitter. ・I think luck is necessary for success. ・Changing the pachinko machine. ・About Shiohi Girls. ・About the behavior of creativity in the era of social media. ・How does the current creativity appear from the perspective of efficiency and rationality of Shiohigari? ・I am adopting a survival strategy for the weak. ・The abilities that I thought were ordinary turned out to be extraordinary. ・In the end, I want to only speak through metaphors.
【Shiohigari’s journey】 Compilation #03 ・About High-context Creativity ・Referring to the words of Tomo Hayashi ・Always aiming for the right balance of the times? ・What does the good balance of Adachi Mitsuru's works mean? ・Is there no anxiety by not discussing in detail? ・Showing a gap to the death god ・About the webtoon I'm currently working on ・Are Shiogari's works similar to waka poetry?