【Tarochin’s journey】 Compilation #01

・The Encounter of Tarochin and Shiohigari ・Days of Youth Drinking Together ・Tarochin, a 8th grader, tells his mother who watches "TURIBAKA NISSHI, Fishing Fool's Diary" that he won't go to school ・Goes to college to make friends while running a text site ・Begins to realize that he is nobody special ・Starts to establish connections as a lackey of a famous live streamer ・Receives an offer to become a writer through those connections ・During a time of wandering the streets with sad eyes ・Elephant Kashimashi, a band with timeless appeal no matter the era

Guest, Personality

Guest: Tarochin

Born in 1985. Real name: Shotaro Ohi.
In 2008, started game commentary on Nico Nico Douga as "Tarochin". After working as a writer and editor for the web news site "Nlab(Netlabo)", currently freelancing.
Although he used to be a person who loved alcohol, in 2022, he suffered from a severe acute pancreatitis and two-thirds of his pancreas necrotized. He is currently a lifelong teetotaler.

Guest: Shiohigari

Illustrator/Manga Artist
Born in 1989 and currently living in Tokyo. His illustrations of girls with humorous and romantic dialogue, drawn in a light touch, are his trademark. He calls himself a "cheap artist." During his student days, he began posting illustrations on Twitter and live streaming on Ustream. After graduation, he joined a material manufacturer, but he decided to quit his job and become a full-time "cheap artist" when his illustrations and short comics that he drew during work became popular and he received more requests.

Personality: Yuuki Sakoda

After working for a telecommunications company and a comprehensive advertising agency, he started an anime planning and production company and produces music videos and films. In 2021, he moved to Kyoto and started working on promoting the entertainment industry in Kyoto. He is currently also working in the entertainment field of manga and audio. He is planning and producing audio dramas and webtoons. In addition, he serves as a producer and advisor for multiple entertainment companies.